Monday, 6 December 2010

Some new work...


So sorry I haven't posted for such a long time...over a month now! I have been busy busy, been working lots of extra shifts at my work to make some extra christmas money and I have now taken on a full time job until March. I will still be illustrating though! Typically, as soon as I accepted my full time job I received a couple of emails about commissions! So I think the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy and I won't be getting much sleep! I've been working on a small commission for Scholastic over the past week and have got another fun commission lined up for the next month or so, which I am really excited about! Hopefully 2011 will be a good year for me!

Here's a few bits and bobs I've been painting recently ^


  1. Congratulations! keep us posted on your published work! good for you, that's a happy early holiday present! xxoo

  2. Hey Lucy! Good to hear from you. Woohoo, congrats on the new commissions! :D When it rains, it pours ;) Cute sea creatures! They would look so cute on my bathroom wall hehe. Take care xo :)

  3. Awesome to hear all the great news! Well deserved :)

  4. Brill! Great to hear about your commissions Lucy! Love these paintings :)

  5. Sooooo nice!! I LOVE IT!!!!


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