Thursday, 4 November 2010

Recent sketches...

Just a quick post to show you some characters/storyboards I've been working on for a development project. It's a story about two dogs Dig and Doug who are fighting over a yummy bone! Hopefully, I will get some of these done in colour soon!

Hope everyone has a good end to the week!


  1. These are great sketches! Can't wait to see them in color. :)

  2. Great sketches! The life of a dog is funny! I think about it sometimes when my dog do his daily routine.

  3. love them!!!! both are just too cute!!

  4. I love your sketches, they are very clean and nice. My sketches are terrible, a totally mess XD.
    Your style is beautiful, I love it :-)

  5. Hi Lucy,

    Hope your well! Your blogs looking lushus!!! Plum Pudding sounds exciting too. We'll have to catch up soon so I can hear all your news! love and hugs xxxxx


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