Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Sketch - 2

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, my day job has taken over at the moment! I've been working really hard this week to finish a dummy book I've been working on. It's developed from one of my uni projects and it's going good at the moment! I've completed the dummy this afternoon (the sketch above is taken from one of the pages) and I'm hoping to get some of the spreads painted in colour in the next couple of weeks! Then I'll get it all printed and bound and send it out to some publishers!! I've got another story slowly being drawn out too, so hopefully I will have lots of work to show soon!

I've been thinking about joining recently, is anyone with them? I would love to hear any good or bad experiences!

I have a new website on it's way too so watch this space..!! :)


  1. Wow you sound super busy! Looking forward to seeing some of your new designs in colour, sounds really exciting! Enjoy your bank holiday monday :) xx

  2. Love the latest illustration, hmm tasty cake! and can't wait to see your website


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