Saturday, 22 January 2011

New stuff...yay!

I received a lovely package in the post today from the guys over at Moo. So exciting!! I'd ordered some more greetings cards for my upcoming exhibition (first photo), which I will hopefully be eventually listing on my Folksy shop. Each card is printed on lovely thick card and comes with a white envelope and a sticker to seal everything! I have also had some postcards printed ( second and third photos) and think I will list them as a set of 4. Each postcard features an illustration of Ted doing various things! Hopefully, people will like them!

Next job is to get some illustrations printed and framed for the exhibition! Only problem is, I have no idea which of my illos to pick. I'm definitely going to exhibit my Owl and the Pussycat image because it's my fave, but apart from that I'm not sure. Suggestions would be very very welcome! :o)

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.


  1. i really love your cards thank you for following me, i was thinking of getting some cards done on moo, were they worth it? xx

  2. @Ella - Yes they are definitely worth it! They are great quality cards and envelopes and the images always look great when printed by Moo. Make sure you don't tick the "Photo Enhanced" box though when editing your cards! ;o)

  3. These are great Lucy. I love that birthday bear and the cupcake! really good idea to have them print your greeting cards. Best of luck with them!!! Ted is a great character, too! xo


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